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What We Do

Our Mission

Every day the team hear first-hand accounts of girls and young women being exploited for criminal purposes, and forced to become a form of sexual currency. The reality of this hidden abuse is that girls often suffer in silence.

Our mission is to fight on their behalf and to enable them to keep safe, rebuild their lives, and enjoy a more positive future.

We do this in two ways; campaigning for change and through directly supporting females.


Campaigning for Change

In 2018, The Precious Trust launched the Hear Me Roar Campaign.  

Hear Me Roar specifically aims to create safe and effective platforms for girls and young women to have their say in order to raise awareness of key issues, challenge harmul perspectives, and bring about wider change.

This campaign grew from a partnership with Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery where a group of 26 girls aged between 11 and 19 years old became consultants for the Women Power Protest Exhibition. In this role, the girls created an alternative guide about gender-related abuse, helped to inspire a new sculpture, and one individual even travelled to Westminster to meet with Birmingham MP Jess Phillips.

From this, The Precious Trust then ran a social media campaign in March 2019 to share quotes from girls and young women who had experienced exploitation and youth violece to reveal some of the injustices they had experienced.

The Precious Trust are actively seeking new ways to empower females to have their say and bring about change.


Direct Support

The Precious Trust has supported almost 2000 girls and young women within Birmingham, Sandwell and Dudley, and Solihull through the Precious Choices Education Programme.

The Precious Choices Education Programme is a specialised bespoke teaching programme that aims to equip females with key skills and knowledge, challenge harmful behaviours and attitudes, and enable individuals to begin to cope and recover from previous wounding situations and relationships.

This programmed is aimed at girls and young women aged between 11 and 25 years who are at risk of youth violence, gang involvement, and criminal and sexual exploitation,

The teaching programme is made up of four modules, these are:

Module One: Decision Making and Joint Enterprise

Module Two: Healthy Relationships

Module Three: Criminal and Sexual Exploitation

Module Four: Understanding Vulnerability and Assessing Risk

These modules are available to book as individual workshops, as a package, or as one off workshop which includes an overview on all four modules.

The duration of the sessions generally last for approximately 90 minutes although, we could deliver a shorter session if that would be more suitable. The sessions are designed for small groups of 3 - 15 girls. We are able to deliver the sessions to individual young people if there is a need, but please note that this is not designed as a large scale presentation.

The Precious Trust is currently offering FREE sessions to schools, youth groups, residential homes and charities. The number of free workshops are limited so please book your workshop as soon as possible.

To book, just send an email to the team and request a booking form. If you need help identifying at risk girls and young women, please speak to the team and they will be happy to help you.


Additional Work

The team are also available for consultations, talks and training.